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#10andFabulous in Black and Gold

CDO Bloggers, a premier blogging organization in Cagayan de Oro recently celebrated it’s 10th year anniversary last November 17, 2018. The theme of the event is Rebels in Black and Gold. The idea of the working committee is to make it like a “Bloggers Ball” and that the members will have to wear rebel outfits in Black and Gold.

Most of my blogger friends opted to wear a long gown with crazy slits and some decided to wear gowns that shows off a little bit of skin. Others preffered the sleeveless long gowns and some resolved to wear cocktail dressess. Their dresses were extremely nice but I am not comfortable wearing those kind of dresses.

So, I chose to wear a three-fourth black top and a long skirt. The original design of my outfit was supposed to be a long one-piece dress. However, I asked the seamstress to make it blouse and skirt so I can mix and match it with my other outfits in the future.

Black and Gold

I also chose black instead of gold because I plan to wear the dress for a number of times without having people noticed that I keep on repeating the same outfit again and again. Black is a perfect color to match for any other type of clothing.

I am happy with the outcome of the dress. It was nice and I like it. It really fits my style and personality. I like it because it looks elegant without having to spend too much.

What can you say about my dress?


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