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What would you do? (Part 2)

My husband’s relative asked my mom in law to let her stay in the house. Mom welcomed her without any hesitation. Let’s just name our visitor, Ms. Melody. She said, she will stay in the house for a week after her surgery, mom gladly said yes. But she stayed in the house for two months.

Her long stay in the house would never be a problem except that she’s very demanding. She has a lot of complaints and demands that were sometimes beyond our ability to provide it. We understand she is sick, but she must also consider that we are not her helpers. A simple “please” and “thank you” to her demands could brighten up our day, but these words are few to her. By the way, Melody is with her mom and her boyfriend, so that makes 3 of them in the house.

After a two month stay in the house, Ms. Melody and company went back to their place for a week to rest. Hooray! We also had our rest. But we couldn’t believe that she came back too soon and texted us.. “Hello, pls. prepare coz, I will be back soon.. ” What???? So demanding… She sounds to be the owner of the house, texting her helpers to prepare and clean the house because she’s coming back. So, she came back for her RAI Treatment (Radio Active Iodine). Mom told her, that she cannot stay in the house anymore after her treatment for health reasons… (effects of radiation), especially that me and my husband don’t have a baby yet. Melody agreed, and said yes.

But after that agreement, Melody asked her mother to ask my mother in law to let her stay again in the house. Mom just kept silent. The sister of Melody offered her place for her, but she said she don’t like it there. Melody’s brother also suggested that they will just rent an apartment. But she didn’t listen, instead she insisted on asking mom to stay in the house. She asked to let her stay on the vacant room used to be occupied by my brother in law. Mom did nothing.. (with a broken heart ) she said okay… but with conditions. The conditions were: first, mom will not be anymore preparing for their food, second, she cannot go to the main house, she will just stay in her room, because she needs to be isolated. She agreed to all these conditions.

Friday, was her schedule for discharge in the hospital. We are so busy preparing the room for her, since it was not used for a long time. My brother in law took a leave off on his work just to help mom get his stuff on the room and clear the room. Mom was so busy that she even slept at 1:00am just to clean the room and make it sure that it is comfortable. I also helped mom the following day because I can see it her face that she’s really very tired. At around 3:00pm Melody called and informed us that she’s coming.

At 5:00pm she arrived home and goes directly to the room prepared for her, because she was not allowed to have contact with people. At 6:00pm, Melody complained about the room prepared for her. She said it was so hot and she can’t breath… there are lot of mosquitoes… My husband was so eager to help her in her discomfort, told her to turn the air conditioner on… (even though we don’t use it because our electric bill will get doubled) but for her convenience we told her to turn it on. But Melody didn’t listen, instead she went inside the main house and slept on my mom in law’s room. Hey? What about the rules? What are you doing Melody?…. My husband was enraged with what she did. Melody did not even appreciate the hard work for the room prepared for her. She didn’t respect the rules set for her.

Because we were so angry with her, we never came home that day. Mom slept at my sister in laws place. Me and my husband stayed at the school at Nazareth. We never had a good sleep that day because our hearts were so heavy that it wanted to burst out…

At 8:00am of Saturday, my husband woke me up and said we will go back to the house and gave all the people in the house a lesson… (he.he.he.. I’m a bit scared) I told him to ask mom to go with him, since I have a seminar to attend.

Mom and my husband went back home… still angry. As they went home, Melody’s mother was their and explained what had happened last night. My husband also explained our side… (in an angry tone). After that incident, Melody, her mother and boyfriend, transferred to her sister’s place. Melody’s mother hugged me and said “I’m sorry for everything… I was so touched by her gesture and I comforted her. I even prayed for her…my husband also asked forgiveness to Melody’s mother because of how angry he is. But my heart was still heavy that day because Melody and his boyfriend just went out of the house; just wave their hands not even bothered to say the words “Sorry”… “thank you”… or whatever…

Wheeew! Glad they leave….

We thought it’s over… 8:00 am it’s about time for us to go to church when Melody called. She asked mom to let her come back and promise not to go out of her room anymore… What???? Mom asked me and my husband, would it be okay?… But my husband said… you decide.. it’s your house. Just to please them, Mom said yes… , but only for a week. Oh well, I hope it will only be for a week…. I’m afraid they will stay for another months. They went back home and they were very silent. Melody doesn’t have any complaints anymore after that incident. She still had her demands but we don’t bother to listen.

Just today, Melody, her mother and boyfriend went back to their place. I’m hoping that they will not come back anymore… (lol!)

What would you do if you were in our shoe? What would you do if they will call again and ask to stay again in the house?…

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  1. hi bogie,

    i do understand your sentiment of having unwanted guests in the house. i had quite a few of them in mine. but it’s not as worse as yours. also, if you’re living with your mom and she gives the green light of having somebody stay in your house, we don’t have much choice. it’s your mom’s decision.

    it’s actually very hard to say no to relatives and friends, coming from our culture. i myself had learned over the years on how to say no to our “unwanted” guests.

    it’s better to say no than doing it with a heavy heart. there’s no blessing in it. i just wished that melody will be sensitive, contented and be grateful.

    i pray with you for courage and boldness (along with your hubby and mom) to say no to her.

    i would have to say a definite and strong no if i were in your shoe. (an answer to your post question).

  2. haayy..gie..grabe ba?

    I hope its the END na…wla nay part 3..meaning, dli na cla mubalik..hehehhe!

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