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Cry Baby

When I was still a little girl my cousins doesn’t like to play with me because according to them, only a single touch of me will make me cry. This could put them to harm since my mom will ask them the reason why I cried, and if they can’t explain it clearly they will be scolded (lol).

cry baby

An emotional person…

I do admit that I am an emotional person. I easily get so affected with how others feel. Whenever I see people crying, I can’t help myself but also cry. Whenever my friends share their problems I also cry with them. When someone speaks words of kindness and appreciation to me I gladly listen to it and most of the time I got teary eyed.

Watching a TV Show…

Last night, hubby and I are watching TV. The show was all about a talent search wherein the contestant comes from a poor family. His family was with him during the contest and as the contestant begun to sing, his father cried. After he sang, he hugged his father and the judges were so touched not with his performance, but because of the love of his father for his child. His father was a crippled man. They were hugging and crying each other.

I was really moved with that show. I wanted to suspend my emotions because hubby might tease me but I really can’t. What I did, I just keep silent and tears were coming out from my eyes. After a few minutes of silence, I wonder why hubby is also silent. I took a glance of him and saw tears from his eyes too. I was so surprised to see him teary eyed and I asked him why he cried. He answered, “because you cried”. I was the one who teased him that night and we end up laughing. As I saw my hubby cried because of that TV show, I realized that I am not just the cry baby after all.

Be a Cry Baby once in a while…

Every now and then we cry because we are in pain, at times we cry because we are happy. Sometimes we cry for so many reasons. No matter what reason it may be, it’s a good thing to know that crying helps us express what we truly feel. Remove those burdens inside your heart today.  Don’t be afraid to be a cry baby once in a while.


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  1. wahahahahah…nanan aw sad ko ani.. hehehehehhe.. hilak pd ang mga mentors noh? hehehehe.. go Pinoy Dream Academy season 2 watchers.. hehehehehe

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