A Summer Fan

My niece Chloe (together with her Mommy and Daddy) was here in the house today. When she first saw me, she immediately showed me a piece of paper, a green ribbon and a magazine. She told me that we will make a “summer fan”. The instruction on how to do it was there on the magazine. The paper and the ribbon were the materials to be used for the fan. 
Later this afternoon, we started to make the fan. Actually we didn’t follow the instructions on the magazine because we lack some of the materials for it. I just made sure that the finish product will look similar to the one shown in the magazine. Chloe was the one who did the pasting and she enjoyed it very much. Just that, she didn’t like the smell of the glue. (ha.ha.ha.) After everything was done, I enhance it a little bit and Chloe looked at me and said “You’re good Tita Bogie!”
After the summer fan is done, she hurriedly showed it to everybody. I wanted to take a picture of it but she brought it home with her because she liked it so much. Anyway, I will just post the photo soon. 


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