Out of Reach

I received a message from my Friendster account that my high school friends met together last April 3, 2009. I was sad because I missed the fun and I wasn’t informed about it. We seldom see each other, and if that happen it would be probably after a year or two. That is why I’m excited to meet them if there’s an opportunity. Today, I happened to communicate with one my high school friends through chat. I told her that I was a bit sad because they didn’t inform me about their meeting. She told me that they didn’t know where to find me. They tried to call me but my phone is out of reach. It was then I realized that I have already changed my number and nobody from them knew about it. Tsk.tsk.tsk.. It was all my fault! Anyway, we’ll meet together after the holy week.


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  1. Hope you will be able to stay in touch with your friends.

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