Goodbye Playmate!

I’m saying goodbye now to my first cousin who died last Wednesday. He used to be my playmate when we were still in our elementary years. He was also my classmate then during our pre-school days. My brother was his best buddy and we always have fun playing together. I always teased him because he was thumb sucking even when he was already in Grade 3.
By the year 1988, their family transferred to Camp Philips Bukidnon. My brothers and I bid farewell to him and to his siblings that day. It was our first time to say goodbye to our playmate… to our friend… to our dear cousin. Whenever they get the chance to visit us in our place, again we enjoyed each other’s presence, playing together. It was through him and my brother that I learned to play games that were only for boys. When he reached high school he happened to stay at our house because he was studying near to our place. We then seldom bond each other because we now have different interests in life. We only got to bond because we both like rock music. (LOL!.. that was before ) After he graduated, he went back to their place and worked there.

He lived his own life and we never had the opportunity to see each other often. I only have the chance to hear from him through his sister. Recently, I have heard that he was sick and was not feeling any better. When his mother called that they needed help because he can’t breathe, I just felt a deep conviction in my heart to help them. He was brought to the hospital and I visited him while he was still lying at the emergency room. His mom was whispering at him… “Bogie is here…Bogie is here”. I saw him nodding his head but he could not open his eyes maybe because he was not feeling well. I then said goodbye and thought to be back in the morning. At 5:30 AM, I received a phone call from my brother that my cousin has already passed away.

I felt sad that day, but I was all the more sad when I saw her mother crying and didn’t know what to do. It’s a very sad thing when someone says “Goodbye”… but it’s the reality of life.

To my cousin, my dear friend and my playmate… Goodbye to you and have a wonderful journey with the Lord!

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  1. condolences to the whole family…

  2. So sorry for your loss sweetie.

  3. condolence… he's with our LORD.

  4. It is always a sad thing to say goodbye….

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