CDO Mommy Bloggers Club


I had the opportunity to meet some members of CDO Mommy Bloggers Club this afternoon. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other and sharing thoughts on blogging.
The meeting was a great opportunity for me to gain new friends and gain new information on blogging. Even though I have been blogging for years now, I admit that I still have to learn many things. Good thing, the sharing we had was one great learning experience.
To Ruby, Kaye, Jennifer, Ate Junneth, Auntie Grace, and Phebie… I want you to know that I had a wonderful time with you beautiful mommies.

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  1. wow, kainggit naman; sana ako din maka meet na ng mga blogger friend in person :-); glad you had fun Bog :-)!

    grab nako imong badge…kanindot baya imong bag o nga layout!

  2. haguy… sus maayo pa mu diha.. no nag happy-happy na.. heheheh… agi ko Bogs.. curious ko sa badge.. hahaha.. nindots.. jud..

  3. I am not sure if this is the first time we met, Mommy. Or basin with PMC Moms ba toh? I am not really sure. But I am glad our friendship came a long way. Labay lang pud ko. Please update the link diay og badge to http://www.cdomom.com og dili na katong info. Pwede pud sa ako main blog na http://www.pinaymommyonline.com if gusto nimo. Hehehe…

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